Single Serve Water Bottles and the Environment

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What impact do single serve water bottles have on the environment?

Single Serve Water Bottles and the Environment

The prevalence of single serve water bottles is turning in to an environmental nightmare in the U.S., as well as other parts of the world where consumer consumption of bottled water is increasing. Even though recycling plastic water bottles is certainly possible, it's a fact that many people simply toss their drinking water containers in the trash. In California alone, more than a billion water bottles find their way into the trash every single year. The environmental impact of allowing this much plastic to accumulate in landfills is truly staggering.

The best solution to the environmental problem posed by the use of plastic water bottles is simply to sharply reduce consumption of single serve bottled water. It's important to realize that using individually packaged bottles of drinking water isn't the best way to make sure the water you consume is safe and healthy anyway. Filtered tap water is much cleaner and healthier than commercially available bottled water. When you install a home water filter system, the tap water that comes out of your faucet will be much safer than the water you get when you purchase bottled water. You'll be able to drink tap water with confidence. You can even protect the environment by packaging your own drinking water using refillable water bottles.



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