Understanding Aquasana's 3 Stage House Filtration System

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How does the Aquasana whole house water treatment system work?

Understanding Aquasana's 3 Stage House Filtration System

When you install an Aquasana whole house water treatment system, you can be confident that the water your family uses is as close to being chemical free as possible. Many water filters use a single stage filtration process, but the Aquasana system uses a three stage process, ensuring maximum contaminant removal.

Stage 1 - When water enters your home, your Aquasana whole house water filter begins the filtration process with a sediment pre-filter. This stage harnesses the power of a 5 micron water filter cartridge that removes sediment that could clog or damage the main filter.

Stage 2 - Once your home's water supply has passed through the stage 1 filter, it moves on to the second stage, which involves active filtration. This stage fuses zinc and copper granules together through water atomization, serving to reduce the chlorine concentration in your home's tap water.

Stage 3 - During the final stage of filtration, your home's water supply is filtered using granular activated carbon, which further diminishes the chlorine concentration and takes care of odor and bad taste problems.



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