The Best Water Filters for VOC Removal

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Do all of the leading home water filtration systems provide effective VOC decontamination?

The Best Water Filters for VOC Removal

The potential for exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is one of the most important reasons that home water filtration systems are so important. The term VOC is used to describe a wide variety of chemicals that manage to find their way into the drinking water supply. These compounds originate from various sources, such as industrial solvents, manufacturing processes, septic systems, pesticides, dry cleaning, etc. A variety of health problems are attributed to the presence of VOCs in the water supply. Ingestion of these types of substances can have a negative impact on liver, kidney, and nervous system functions. When inhaled or absorbed through the skin, these substances can cause inflammation of both skin and lungs.

There are measurable VOCs present in the drinking water of the vast majority of states in the U.S., as well as in many other locations around the world. Because these substances are so prevalent, and because they are so dangerous, it's important to select a water filter system that has been proven effective at removing them from your water supply. Some of the most popular home filtration products do not provide any protection against VOCs. Filters that depend solely on activated carbon to decontaminate the water supply are not designed to remove these types of contaminants. The popular Brita water filters and PUR water filters, for example, are not designed for VOC filtration. Aqusana filters use a patented dual filtration technology that targets VOCS, and are rated to have greater than 99% accuracy when it comes to eliminating these types of chemicals.



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