How to Choose the Best Water Filter

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How do I know which systems are actually the best water filters?

How to Choose the Best Water Filter

If you're drinking water straight from the faucets in your home, it's a fact that any water filter you choose will be better than what you are doing now. When you consume straight tap water, it's likely that you're ingesting a number of substances that are hazardous to your health. Even a filter that doesn't effectively remove a wide variety of dangerous materials from your drinking water is likely to at least keep you from consuming something that isn't good for you.

When choosing among the different types of water filters, it's important to understand just what it is that separates the best water filters from the ones that are least effective. Pitcher filters, for example, are not as effective as faucet filter systems. Pour through pitcher systems utilize activated carbon filters that are able to effectively remove some harmful substances from water. Aquasana faucet filters combine activated carbon with other filtration methods, giving them the capability of removing many different types of dangerous substances from your drinking water supply.

If you're using a pitcher filter, you're reducing the potential risk to your health associated with consuming tap water. However, if you're looking for the maximum benefits provided by the best water filters, you'll get much better results with the exclusive dual filtration technology of an Aquasana faucet filter. Additionally, Aquasana filters are much less expensive to use than the popular pitcher filters. When you install a faucet filter, you'll enjoy the filtration benefits of one of the best available water filters for a fraction of the cost of a filtration device that is much less effective.



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