Comparing Filtered Water to Distilled Water

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How does filtered water compare with distilled water?

Comparing Filtered Water to Distilled Water

While it's better to consume distilled water than it is to drink regular tap water, there are a number of reasons that filtered water is preferable to distilled water.

When water is distilled, it becomes de-mineralized. This is also the case with water that is purified via a reverse osmosis process. This means that it no longer contains trace minerals of even calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Unlike distillation, water filtration systems are designed to filter out contaminants, but not to remove all traces of minerals that the human body actually needs to flourish.

There are risks associated with extended ingestion of distilled water. When all of the minerals are removed from water, its pH levels change and the water becomes acidic. Because water naturally needs to be in balance, distilled water attempts to restore itself to a non-acidic stated. When we consume water that has been de-mineralized, it will actually leech minerals from our bodies in order to attempt to balance itself. Research indicates that consumption of de-mineralized water over time is likely to lead to mineral deficiency.

Water filters, while they are designed to filter out contaminants, do not remove all traces of natural minerals. When you drink water that has been filtered, you aren't consuming water that has been transformed to a de-mineralized state. Harmful contaminants that shouldn't be in the water in the first place have been removed, but the natural minerals that provide the substance with much of it's life giving nutritional value remain.



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