How Undersink Filtration Systems Work

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How does water filtration occur?

How Undersink Filtration Systems Work

Water filtration is getting more and more high-tech. Utilizing the latest technologies in the water industry, effective, healthy, great-tasting water can be yours at an affordable price. A typical under-sink water filter is capable of removing more than 500 contaminants from water. This happens through approximately five stages of filtration, depending on the model. First is a basic filtration pad that removes dirt and rust. The next two or three phases usually involve the water passing through two types of filters, KDF (electrochemical) filters and carbon filters. The final phase involves a final pass through a micron filtration pad.



8/17/2009 8:11:19 PM
James W. said:

pressure rized tank under sink after changed filters how long u have to wait to get presure to push water out. tips are very good and to the point thanks. need a little help.


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