Soft Water And Your Health

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How much sodium is in soft water?

Soft Water And Your Health

More than 90 percent of the sodium in our diets comes from sources such as processed foods and table salt. The recommended daily allowance for sodium consumption is 2,400 mg. Drinking soft water in an amount of two quarts would only add approximately 240 mg of sodium to your diet but that does not mean that it is not harmful. Soft water is more corrosive and can actually leach metals from the pipes as it comes into your home. You should avoid drinking soft water and consider investing in a water filter for your fawcet and shower.



8/30/2009 4:38:28 PM
Doyle said:

WHAT?! All my research to to date indicates that a sodium based water softener systems will reduce the acidity in my well water and protect my copper pipes. Whatup?


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