Indoor Air Quality and Asthma

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How can I improve the air quality in my home or office?

Indoor Air Quality and Asthma

Asthma is triggered by poor air quality, but even those without asthma suffer when the air is polluted. To ease everyone's tired lungs, keep the air in your home and office as clean as possible by eliminating these common contaminants:

1. Cigarette smoke - declare your home a smoke free zone to eliminate the most common asthma irritant.

2. Toxic fumes - give fumes from cleaning fluids, pesticides, new carpeting and other sources a way to escape by keeping your space well ventilated.

3. Stagnant water - clean up wet carpeting, and clean out your humidifier frequently to avoid asthma irritants like mold and viruses that grow on wet surfaces.

4. Chlorine - asthma and chlorine don't mix. Chlorine can get into your air any time you use hot water. Use a chlorine water filter to reduce this threat.



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