Common Asthma Triggers

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What triggers asthma?

Common Asthma Triggers

Asthma triggers differ from person to person and even from attack to attack. Generally, anything that affects your airways can trigger an attack. Learn about common asthma triggers and asthma treatments.

1. Chlorine: Some studies show that chlorine dries out the lungs. Use a chlorine filter to eliminate chlorine from your drinking water.

2. Dehydration: Dry lungs lead to difficulty in breathing. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

3. Allergens: Anything that triggers other allergies (mold, pollen, dust, and some foods) can affect asthma.

4. Exercise: Continue to exercise, but be aware of changes in your body that might signal an oncoming asthma attack and slow down or get help.

5. Smoke: Avoid areas where people are smoking. If you must be near cigarettes, sit near an open window for fresh air.

6. Stress: Because stress weakens the immune system, asthma can be triggered by emotional duress. Practice meditation or your preferred relaxation technique.



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