Secondary Drinking Water Regulations

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Is taste or smell a good indication of unhealthy tap water?

Secondary Drinking Water Regulations

Even though the United States Environmental Protection Agency sets high standards for drinking water, there is still a lot of room for variation in drinking water composition. To track these variations, the EPA has developed a system of secondary drinking water regulations. These regulations are enforced on a voluntary basis. Some chemicals present in drinking water aren't harmful, but affect the taste or odor of the water or give the water a cloudy appearance. Some contaminants can even lead to discoloration of skin, hair or teeth. If you are experiencing some of these problems with your water, yet you haven't heard of any health warnings related to your local drinking water supply, ask your water supplier about compliance with the secondary drinking water regulations. If you can identify the mineral that's affecting the color or smell of your water, you'll be able to easily choose a drinking water filter system to take care of that specific problem.



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