Sources of Drinking Water Contamination

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How does water get contaminated?

Sources of Drinking Water Contamination

Drinking water is exposed to different contaminants based on whether it comes from surface water (like rivers and lakes) or groundwater (like wells and some public water supplies). Surface water can be compromised by acid rain, industrial waste, runoff from storms and pesticides. Groundwater is at risk from leachate from landfills and septic systems, haphazard disposal of agricultural chemicals and household cleaning products, and certain pathogens. Because groundwater is slow-moving and isn't exposed to the natural cleaning benefits of air, sunlight and micro-organisms, contaminants in groundwater take longer to be cleaned. An effective way to reduce drinking water contamination is to use a drinking water filter system. For best results, find one that is made for the contaminants that are most prevelant in your area.



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