Flouride and Water Health

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Is bottled water dangerous for kids?

Flouride and Water Health

Although some people are concerned about flouride being added to water, water flouridation has led to a decrease in tooth decay. For this reason, it's important to check water health filters to see if they filter out flouride. Some experts believe that children who drink only bottled water are at a dental disadvantage because they don't get the flouride that other kids get. Bottled water companies are addressing this issue by offering kid-sized bottled water with added flouride. Get the same result at home by using a filter that keeps the flouride in your water.



9/4/2009 12:28:36 AM
haha said:

if we buy flouride in toothpaste already why would the govt put free flouride in the water. they use the term flouride as a catch all phrase for many chemicals they put in your water because its cheap disposal from their factories. dental health is a rediculous reason to drink chemicals


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