4 Important Benefits of Bottling Your Own Water

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What are the benefits of making my own bottled water?

4 Important Benefits of Bottling Your Own Water

There are a number of reasons why learning how to make your own bottled water is beneficial to you and your family. Four of the most important benefits of bottling filtered water yourself include:

Cost savings: Purchasing bottled water can become very expensive very quickly. With an Aquasana faucet filter system, you can enjoy safe and healthy water for about ten cents per gallon.

Quality Control: When you purchase bottled water, there is no guarantee that the water you are buying is any cleaner or safer than water you could get from a water fountain for free. When you bottle your own filtered water, assuming that you are aware of the filtration capabilities of your home water filter, you know exactly what you are consuming.

Glass Water Bottles: The vast majority of commercially available bottled water is packaged in plastic. It is much better to drink water than has been stored in glass water bottles rather than in plastic. Water stored in plastic bottles often develops an unpleasant plastic taste and can leach harmful plastic byproducts from the containers. When you make your own bottled water, you can easily use safe glass bottles for storage and consumption.

Environmental Benefits: When you create your own bottled water, you're actively playing a role in protecting the environment. Instead of contributing to the growing problem of increased demand for plastic water bottles, you're utilizing with a "green" solution to meeting your needs for safe and healthy drinking water.



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