Enjoy Clean Do-it-Yourself Bottled Water

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Is it difficult to make my own bottled filtered water?

Enjoy Clean Do-it-Yourself Bottled Water

Whether you have well water or you live in an area served by a municipality, you can quickly and easily master the art of how to make your own bottled water when you have an Aquasana filter and one or more glass water bottles. When you purchase a home water filtration system from Aquasana, you'll receive a free designer glass water decanter to help you get started bottling your own water.

As soon as you install your Aquasana whole house or faucet filter, you'll be able to start enjoying clean, healthy tap water in your home. Once your system is installed, you'll immediately notice that your water supply starts to look, taste, and smell cleaner and fresher than ever before. When you have access to healthy tap water at home, it's senseless to spend your money purchasing bottled water from the supermarket.

Bottling filtered water from your faucet is very easy. Simply fill clean glass bottles with filtered water from your tap and refrigerate until ready to drink and enjoy. Making your own bottled water is much less expensive than purchasing pre-bottled water, and it's actually a healthier choice. Tap water filtered via your Aquasana water filter system is likely to be much cleaner than any commercially available bottled water you could purchase.



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