Stop Spending Your Food Budget on Bottled Water

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What can I do to avoid spending so much money on bottled water for my family?

Stop Spending Your Food Budget on Bottled Water

While it is certainly important to make sure that your family has a sufficient supply of healthy drinking water, there is no reason to spend a large portion of your food budget on bottled water. Many people purchase bottled water to drink, thinking that it is safer for consumption than the tap water in their homes.

While this may sometimes be true, it isn't always the case. In many instances, bottled water isn't any less contaminated than plain tap water. Additionally, if you use tap water for cooking and washing dishes, your family is still being exposed to any contaminants that might be in your home's water supply on a regular basis

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on filled, disposable water bottles that end up clogging landfills, it makes much more sense to invest in an affordable home water filter system that will allow you to have a virtually unlimited supply of clean and healthy water for drinking, cooking, washing dishes, and other purposes. Instead of spending several dollars for every gallon of water your family consumes, you'll only spend pennies when you bottle your own filtered water.

When you have a home water filter system, bottling filtered water becomes a practical and affordable alternative to purchasing bottled water. You'll be able to fill and refrigerate your own water bottles in quantities that meet the needs of your family. You'll be able to enjoy the flavor and convenience of ice cold water directly from your refrigerator, without the expense and environmental impact of continually purchasing cases of pre-bottled water.



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