Use Glass Containers When Making Your Own Bottled Water

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What type of water bottles should I use to store my own bottled water?

Use Glass Containers When Making Your Own Bottled Water

When you learn how to make your own bottled water, you'll need to decide what type of containers you'll use to store your filtered drinking water. The vast majority of pre-packaged bottled water comes in plastic containers. However, using plastic bottles is not the ideal solution for bottling filtered water.

It's much better to store your bottled filtered water in glass containers than in ones made from plastic. When water is stored in plastic containers, it takes on the flavor of the container after a period of time. When you store fresh water in a glass water bottle, it will maintain it's fresh and clean taste. Drinking water that tastes like pure water is certainly more pleasant than drinking water that carries a faint flavor of plastic.

Storing filtered water in plastic containers also impacts the purity of the water. As water sits in a plastic bottle, it starts to become contaminated by plastic byproducts that leack from the container into the water. When you filter the contaminants out of your drinking water, the last thing you want to do is store the water in a container that causes it to pick up new chemical contaminants. Glass water bottles do not contribute to water contamination.



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