Understanding the Need for Bottled Water Alternatives

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Why do I need a water filter if I purchase bottled water to use for drinking?

Understanding the Need for Bottled Water Alternatives

Many people purchase bottled water to use as drinking water, then proceed to use unfiltered water directly from their kitchen faucet to prepare tea, coffee, juice, and for cooking. If you don't like to drink water directly from your faucet because it smells or tastes funny, you need to understand that disguising the taste or smell with flavoring agents only masks the problem. If your water supply doesn't taste or smell right, that's a sign that it's contaminated.

While any steps you take to increase the quality of the water you consume can be beneficial, it's important to realize that contaminated tap water is unhealthy whether it is consumed alone or mixed with coffee, fruit flavoring, or any other ingredients. It's also important to understand that the fact that bottled water tastes better than the tap water in your home does not mean that it is any better for your health.

The good news is that there are bottled water alternatives that make more sense and actually cost less money. When you purchase bottled drinking water, you're likely paying $2 per gallon, or more. If you install an Aquasana faucet filter system in your kitchen, you'll be able to enjoy clean and healthy drinking water directly from your faucet for about 10 cents per gallon.

When you're able to access healthy, filtered water directly from your kitchen, you can easily bottle any quantity of healthy water you need. You can package it in small bottles for on the go enjoyment, or you can use large glass pitchers to store drinking water, juice or iced tea made with filtered water, or any other beverages of your choice. Additionally, you'll be able to use clean water to make coffee, hot chocolate, cooking, and even to wash your dishes. Installing a home water filtration system is the ideal way to save money and reduce your family's total exposure to contaminants in the water supply.



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