Why is There Lead in My Drinking Water?

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How does lead end up in the drinking water supply?

Why is There Lead in My Drinking Water?

No matter how effective the water treatment system is in your community, there is a good chance that the there is a significant amount of lead in water that is being piped into your home. As a matter of fact, next to chlorine, lead is the most prevalent culprit responsible for drinking water contamination. The lead that is present in the tap water in your house probably has absolutely nothing to do with how effectively your local water treatment facility functions.

Water becomes contaminated with lead when it travels from your local treatment facility into your home, and much of the contamination actually results from in-home plumbing. Once water is treated, it must travel along pipes from the treatment facility through the water main and finally into individual homes. Tap water picks up lead along it's journey, from pipes that are soldered by or lined with lead. Your home water supply can even become contaminated with lead from being passed through brass plumbing fixtures.

If you want to eliminate lead from your tap water, the only safe way to take care of the problem is by installing a drinking water filter system in your home. When you are able to filter your drinking water when it exits your sink's faucet, you can be sure that lead and other harmful contaminants in the water supply will be eliminated from your water supply.



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