Improve Taste With an Iron Water Filter

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What can I do to keep my drinking water from having a heavy, metallic taste?

Improve Taste With an Iron Water Filter

If your tap water has a reddish tint or metallic taste, there is a good chance that your drinking water has a fairly high concentration of iron. The human body actually needs iron to function effectively, and most people don't actually consume as much iron as they need. However, there are much better ways to increase your iron consumption than to be subjected to drinking water with a heavy metallic flavor. While iron isn't unhealthy, there are a number of reasons that iron does not belong in your home's water supply.

In addition to having an unpleasant taste, water that has a high concentration of iron tends to have a bad odor. If your drinking water tastes and smells nasty, you certainly aren't likely to drink as much water as your body needs to stay hydrated. Additionally, using water with a high concentration of iron to wash your clothes and your dishes can cause permanent stains. The presence of iron in your home's water supply can also clog the drains and pipes.

Fortunately, it's not difficult to reduce the concentration of iron in your tap water. When you need to get rid of unwanted chemicals such as iron, water filters can be very effective. Simply install a drinking water filter on your sinks so that your drinking water won't be full of iron. You can also install a whole house filtration system, which will reduce the iron concentration in the water supply to your entire house.



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