Keep Your Drinking Water Pure With Aquasana's Glass Water Decanter

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How should I store my filtered water?

Keep Your Drinking Water Pure With Aquasana's Glass Water Decanter

To make sure that you are getting the maximum health benefits of water, it's important to drink water that is free from chlorine and other dangerous contaminants. The best way to make sure that your tap water is safe and healthy is to utilize a high quality faucet or whole house water filtration system.

If you plan to store water for consumption, it's vital to place it in a glass water decanter rather than in a plastic bottle. When you store water in plastic, both the taste and the purity of the liquid can be compromised. Even though the vast majority of commercially available bottled water products are packed in plastic containers, there are risks associated with using plastic to store drinking water.

When water is stored in plastic bottles, plastic byproducts are leaked into the water over time. The longer water stays in plastic bottles before being consumed or otherwise used, the more contaminated it becomes. When water is stored in a glass water decanter, the taste does not change and the water remains just as pure as it was when it was initially placed in the container for storage.



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