Drinking Water Filters Reduce Exposure to Potential Carcinogens

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What role do drinking water filters play in reduced exposure to carcinogens?

Drinking Water Filters Reduce Exposure to Potential Carcinogens

As cancer diagnoses seem to be becoming more and more common, many health conscious individuals are re-evaluating their lifestyles to determine what steps they can take to reduce their chances of developing the deadly disease. There are many different types of cancer, as well as many different substances that are believed to trigger or cause the development of the diseases.

While the health benefits of water are widely recognized, what isn't discussed as frequently is the fact that unfiltered tap water typically contains a variety of substances believed to be cancer causing agents. Human beings need water to survive, so it's certainly not advisable to eliminate, or even reduce, water consumption as a means of avoiding carcinogens. However, it certainly is not wise to knowingly ingest, or otherwise use, substances believed to cause cancer.

Fortunately, drinking water filters provide an option for individuals who want to enjoy the health benefits of water without risking unnecessary exposure to carcinogens. The best water filters utilize several different types of filtration, for maximum contaminant removal. Aquasana filters, for example, utilize a multi stage filtration process that combines activated carbon filtration with additional techniques for effective removal of chlorine, lead, Methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether (MTBE), Trihalomethanes (THMs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other dangerous substances.

Individuals who use unfiltered water are risking exposure to these cancer causing agents every time they drink a glass of water, take a shower, or otherwise come into contact with contaminated water. The best way to enjoy healthy water that is free from carcinogens is to stick with water that has been filtered using a high quality water filtration system.



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