Results Of Dehydration

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What are the signs of dehydration?

Results Of Dehydration

As dehydration increases, signs and symptoms develop. These signs include: thirst, sunken eyes, absence of tears when crying vigorously, restless or irritable behavior. Once dehydration reaches early or mild dehydration there become more obvious signs, such as flushed face, dry or warm skin, urine is strong smelling and dark yellow, dizziness, weakness, and headaches. Then if dehydration grows to moderate or severe the warning signs include: low blood pressure, fainting, convulsions, bloated stomach, fast, weak pulse, skin's loss of firmness, and heart failure.



9/9/2006 12:59:22 PM
Water Expert said:

This is a great collection of dehydration symptoms! I’ve noticed sometimes that I get a headache when I don’t drink enough water, especially in the summer. Can headaches also be a symptom of dehydration?

5/21/2007 1:42:20 PM
Steve Ripka said:

I was hiking in the mountains this past Saturday. We were at an elevation of 6500 feet. I only had about a litre and a half of water through the 6 mile walk. I woke up the next morning and my calf muscles were so stiff and soar that I could barely walk. Could this be as a result of not enough water?


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