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What is an end-of-faucet filter?

The Ease Of Faucet Water Filters

End-of-faucet water filters are easy to install and an effective way to get clean drinking and cooking water. Most of these faucet water filters can filter up to 100 gallons before needing replacement. If you don't feel like counting gallons, you can safely replace your filters every three months or so. Most systems are relatively inexpensive and readily found in household goods stores.

What do the countertop water filters remove?

Dual Filter Media: Two Filters In One System

If you use a counter top water filtration system, one with a dual filter media is doubly effective! The dual filter media is made up of one KDF55 filter and one GAC filter. The KDF55 filter removes Lead, Mercury, Iron and other heavy metals, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, as well as any sulphur taste and odor. The Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) removes volatile organic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, trihalomethane compounds, radon, industrial solvents, benzene, and hundreds of other man-made chemicals found in tap water.

What is the best water filter for me?

What Type Of Filtration System Does Your Family Need?

The amount of water your family uses is the best indicator of what will be the to suit your needs. You household may be satisfied with just a faucet filtration system or a pitcher with built-in filter. Households that use a lot of water or that have infants, elderly people or those with health problems may wish to use a whole-house filtration system so that even the showers and baths provide pure water.

How do I keep my counter top filter clean?

Cleaning Your Countertop Water Filter

Changing the filters in your countertop water filter is not the only step you need to take to keep your filtrations system in good working order. Cleaning the unit itself is also imperative. Be sure to wipe it down as it gets dirty with regular use. Pay close attention to the nozzles and spouts where the water comes out. This will prolong the life of your unit as well as keep your water fresh.

Will a faucet filter fit in with my kitchen design?

Clear Water Can Be Classy!

Most faucet filtersare designed for ease of use. Many also take into consideration the décor of your kitchen. More and more faucet filter companies have begun incorporating stylish designs for their filtration systems. Some have a metallic color, which matches nicely with stainless steel sinks. Others are an understated cream color, These blend nicely with most kitchen appliances and designs. It's a small touch, but it makes a difference!

Are there filters that fit on my faucet?

Considering A Faucet Water Filter

For easy water filtration, you may consider purchasing a faucet water filter system. Many units provide dual cartridge filtration. This provides better removal of contaminants. Many models are also incredibly easy to install, and provide up to thirty gallons an hour. When you consider how often you and your family use water from the sink, a faucet filtration system like this may be your best option!

How can I get pure water in my kitchen?

Counter Top Water Filter Basics

Using a countertop water filter is a convenient way to get pure water in your kitchen. The unit is freestanding and rests near the sink. Most of the counter top filters are only about a foot tall. Some models offer a chrome spout, from which the water is pumped. Others actually redirect the water supply to your faucet. This eliminates Filtered water is redirected back to your faucet with special faucet diverter. This eliminates any water spill on your counters.

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