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How can I filter arsenic from my drinking water?

Arsenic Faucet Water Filters

Recent tightening of permissable arsenic limits in water have left some water systems and well owners out of compliance. While your water system awaits re-testing and approval, make sure you're doing what you can at home to remove arsenic from your drinking water. Faucet water filters that contain activated carbon can filter arsenic from your drinking water. To make sure you're getting the best arsenic faucet water filter, look for the NSF certification seal on the packaging.

Why is my faucet water filter leaking?

Fix a Leaking Faucet Water Filter

If your faucet water filter is leaking between the faucet and the filter attachment, look around for a missing washer. The washer tightens the seal between the filter and faucet, keeping your water where it should be. Faucet water filters come with this washer. Replacement washers can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Are cheap faucet filters as good as the expensive ones?

Inexpensive Faucet Filters

If you're looking to save a few bucks, think twice before you choose the inexpensive faucet filter over the more expensive version. The least expensive faucet filters are built to improve the taste of water. They're virtually ineffective in combatting harmful pathogens. Because most drinking water in the U.S. is considered safe to drink, this may be all you need. However, if you have reason to be concerned about the health risks associated with your drinking water, you'll save more in the long run by choosing a more expensive faucet filter that filters harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Why are there black specks in my filtered water?

Black Specks in Filtered Water

After a few months, you may notice that water coming from your faucet water filter contains tiny black specks. This is an indication that your water filter needs to be replaced. If replacing the filter doesn't solve the problem, contact the water filter manufacturer for more suggestions.

Why are Aquasana filters more effective than other water filtration systems?

How Aquasana Water Purifier Filters Work

Many water filter systems use only carbon filtration. These types of filters can be effective at removing chlorine and its byproducts from your home's water supply, but they don't remove other types of contaminants. Aquasana filters utilize an exclusive dual filter systems that combines activated carbon with other filtration methods for maximum benefit.

None of the commercially available water filters are more effective than Aquasana when it comes to removing harmful compounds from tap water. Aquasana's water purifier filters combine the power of activated carbon water purifier filters with both sub-micron filtration and ion exchange, resulting in powerful and effective water decontamination.

When you install an Aquasana filtration system in your home, you'll be able to enjoy water that is free from chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), lead, chlorine resistant parasites, THM, and other harmful substances. You'll be able to enjoy a virtually limitless supply of safe, healthy tap water in your home.

What are the benefits of countertop water filters?

The Quickest Way to Healthy Water

If you're looking for the quickest way to enjoy healthy water for drinking and cooking straight from your faucet, consider installing an Aquasana countertop water filter in your kitchen. Installation is very easy and takes only a few seconds. As soon as your countertop water filter is attached to your sink and activated, you'll be able to enjoy fresh, high quality drinking water that isn't contaminated with chlorine or other harmful substances. You won't have to worry about running out of clean water, and you'll be able to enjoy healthy water any time you want.

Your Aquasana countertop filter kit comes complete with everything you need to start enjoying filtered water directly from your faucet. It comes with a filter that will filter up to 500 gallons of water. Reordering filter cartridges is easy and inexpensive, costing less than $50 every six months. As soon as your filter is installed, you'll have a virtually limitless supply of inexpensive filtered water for drinking, cooking, washing dishes, etc. This powerful water filtration system has the capacity to filter up to 30 gallons of water every hour, so it's more than capable of keeping up with your family's need for a safe and healthy water supply at home.

Is there an easy way to filter my water for more than one thing?

Combine Filters

Different water filters are effective at eliminating different contaminants from your drinking water. Fortunately, there are some great under sink water filters available that allow you to combine different water filters into one filtration system. Combine activated carbon filters for improving taste and odors with filters that target lead, bacteria, iron or flouride. Because the water filter is kept under the sink, there's no space lost by sitting the filtration system on your countertop. This is particularly helpful for people with limited kitchen or counter space. When installing your combination water filter, make sure you pay close attention to the recommended order of installation as they will work most effectively when installed in order.

How can I reduce my exposure to THMs in drinking water?

Rid Yourself of the Most Common Water Pollutant

The most common organic pollutants in drinking water are called Trihalomethanes (THMs). THMs are created when chlorine reacts with organic materials or with bromide. Drinking water contaminated by THMs can lead to nerve damage, miscarriages and some cancers. Although the problems associated with THMs in drinking water are severe, the solution is simple. Install an activated carbon faucet water filter on your sink to reduce your risk of ingesting THMs with your drinking water.

Do countertop water filters save money?

Save Money with a Countertop Water Filter

A good quality countertop water filter can provide you with pure filtered water for around 18 cents per gallon. Compared to bottled water that sells for over a dollar for 12 ounces, this is a bargain. When you consider that bottled water is held to the same standards by the EPA as non-filtered tap water, the choice becomes clear. For portability, choose a washable water bottle and fill it up with water from your countertop water filter.

Are there water filters that don't have to be changed as often?

Disposable Faucet Water Filters

If you love the taste and security of filtered water, but have a difficult time remembering to change the filters every three months or so, get a disposable faucet water filter. These latest water filter products are compact and give you up to one full year of clean, purified water right from the tap. At the end of the year, simply dispose of the old filter and replace it with a new one. You won't have to think about your faucet water filter again for an entire year.

Should pregnant women be more cautious about filtering water?

Healthy Water for Pregnancy

If you're pregnant, you should be concerned with the quality of water you drink as well as the quantity. Researchers have linked chlorine disinfection by-products (DBPs) with miscarriages and birth defects. Although the studies aren't completely conclusive at this point, it makes sense for pregnant women to take the precaution of filtering drinking water to remove chlorine. A good house water filter that uses activated carbon can effectively reduce your risk of DBP exposure.

How can I reduce maintenance time with a sink water filter?

Under Sink Water Filter

To decrease the amount of time you spend maintaining your faucet water filter, choose one that installs under the sink. Under sink water filters are larger than faucet water filters and can last longer without being replaced.

What does a sediment water filter do?

Why Buy a Sediment Filter?

Particles in water from sand, rust and other sediments can affect the health of your water. Those in rural areas are most likely to be affected by sediment problems in drinking water. If this is a problem for you, look for an under sink filter that filters out sediment. This is different than other drinking water filters that are primarily for improving bad smells and chlorine flavor from water.

Does it matter where my pets get their water?

Filtered Water for Pets

Humans aren't the only family members to benefit from an under sink water filter. Certain diseases found in drinking water can also affect pets. In general, pets should be kept away from stagnant water (including toilet bowls!) that can contain harmful microbes and toxic algae. Fish also need clean chlorine-free water to live in. By installing an under sink water filter, you can have quick access to healthy water for your pets whenever you need it.

What should I look for in a faucet water filter?

Faucet Water Filters

If you want filtered water faster than you can get it from a water filter pitcher, attach a faucet water filter to your sink. These filters take up very little space and ensure that the water you get from your sink faucet is pure. Choose a faucet water filter that allows you to switch back and forth between filtered water and regular tap water. This will make your filter last longer because you'll be using it less often.

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