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Will installing a shower purifier make my skin and hair look better?

Enjoy Healthy Skin and Hair With a Shower Filter

If you take pride in looking your best, you know just how important it is to have healthy skin and hair. One of the key tips for keeping your skin and hair looking great is to keep them clean at all times. However, bathing alone isn't enough to keep your skin and hair in the best possible condition.

The tap water most people use for bathing and shampooing is full of chlorine and other chemicals that can have a negative impact on the health and appearance of their hair and skin. Chlorine, for example, strips away needed natural oils, causing skin and hair to become very dry.

If you want to enjoy the look and feel of healthy hair and skin, one of the best decisions you can make is to install a shower purifier in your bathroom. After just a week or so of daily showers in purified water, you'll begin to notice an improvement in the look and feel of your skin and hair.

Are there any health benefits associated with using shower filters?

The Health Benefits of Shower Filters

While many people understand that showering in filtered water helps make skin and hair softer, the health benefits of shower filters aren't as widely recognized. Shower filters can have a positive impact on individuals who suffer from various types of skin conditions and who experience breathing problems.

Individuals who have skin conditions often bathe frequently, thinking that keeping their skin clean will help keep their problems under control. However, many skin conditions are aggravated by various chemicals in the water supply. These same chemicals can trigger breathing difficulties in individuals with asthma and allergy related breathing problems.

Using a shower head filter can reduce the presence of problem chemicals, leading to fewer symptoms and problems. People with skin conditions and breathing problems can shower freely, without having to worry about the presence of potentially harmful chemicals in the water.

Do any shower water filters come with a hand held massage feature?

The Ultimate Shower Luxury

When you're looking for the ultimate in shower luxury, consider installing the Aquasana Shower Filter With Hand Held Massager in your bathroom. There is no better way to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing shower experience. You'll enjoy the advantages of a top quality shower water filter paired with the comfort and convenience of your own fully adjustable hand held shower massage.

When you have your own Aquasana Shower Filter With Hand Held Massager, you'll be able to cleanse your skin and your hair with clean, filtered water every time you take a shower. Whether you're in the mood for a quick shower or a long and luxurious spa experience, you're sure to love the flexibility and cleansing power of your Aquasana shower water filter.

You may choose to position the nozzle to spray purified water from the top of your shower, or you can use the hand held feature to target specific areas. No matter how you choose to utilize your new shower filter, you're sure to enjoy the way your skin and hair feel after being cleaned with freshly filtered water.

What can I do to keep my hair from getting so dry?

Soft and Healthy Hair With Your Aquasana Shower Filter

Do you wish that you could do something to improve the look and feel of your hair? If your hair is dry and brittle, it's highly likely that the biggest barrier to having the smooth, healthy hair that you want is your water supply. If you're washing your hair with plain tap water, it's likely that you are drenching your hair with an excessive amount of chlorine every time you wash it. Chlorine, of course, can seriously damage hair, leaving it very dry and brittle to the touch.

It's a little known fact that most tap water has as much chlorine as a swimming pool. Think about how dry and shriveled your skin feels when you get out of a swimming pool. When you use plain tap water to wash your hair, you are doing the same thing to your hair that pool water does to your skin. When hair is exposed to chlorine, it is stripped of the natural oils that protect it and keep it from drying out. The end result is damaged, brittle, and unhealthy hair.

The best way to prevent such problems is to stop overexposing your hair to chlorine. When you install a dechlorinating shower filter, you are able to wash your hair and skin with chlorine free water. Not only will your shower filter do away with chlorine, it will also reduce the presence of a variety of potentially damaging synthetic and organic substances from the water that you use to shower and wash your hair. After just a week of showering in purified water, you'll enjoy softer and healthier hair and skin.

What do shower filters have to do with preventing the effects of hard water?

Shower Purifiers Counter Hard Water Effects

The vast majority of tap water is what is referred to as hard water. What this means is that the water that comes into most people's homes has fairly high levels of magnesium, calcium, and other minerals. While the presence of these substances in water does not pose a health hazard, cleaning with hard water can be rather difficult.

When you wash your hair in hard water, it's very difficult for your shampoo to do its job. This is because the shampoo reacts with the minerals and becomes very difficult to rinse out. This is true for all types of cleaning products, not just shampoo. This is why hair that has been washed in hard water often has a rough and filmy feel.

Shower purifiers are an excellent solution for countering hard water effects. The best shower filters do an excellent job reducing the concentration of minerals in water, making it easier to get your skin and hair clean without having to deal with resistant soap residue.

Can showering relieve allergy symptoms?

Showering for Allergy Relief

Steam from a hot shower can relieve discomfort from allergies. However, if your shower water is full of irritating chemicals such as chlorine you may be exacerbating the problem you're trying to fix. If you have allergies, get a shower purifier that can get rid of harmful water contaminants from your shower.

How can I make my hair color last longer?

Longer Lasting Hair Color

Extend the life of your hair color by installing a shower water filter. Chlorine and other chemicals present in most water supplies can leach the color from your hair. By removing these chemicals with a shower water filter, you'll protect your hair color and make it last longer.

How can I get healthier hair?

The Basics of Healthy Hair

No amount of expensive shampoos and conditioners can compensate for a poor water supply. Hard water and water that is contaminated by too many chemicals, such as chlorine, makes hair dry, brittle and susceptible to damage. For healthy hair, start with healthy shower water. Use a shower filter to get rid of sediment and pollutants in your shower water. You'll notice that your hair is softer almost immediately. As an added bonus, purer shower water will allow you to use less shampoo to get the same results.

Is my shower water as good as my kitchen sink water?

Test Your Shower Water Separately

Not all water in your home is created equally. Water that flows to your toilet, laundry and irrigation doesn't have to be the same quality as the water that you get from your kitchen faucet or shower. To make sure your water is healthy where you need it most, test water from different sites in your home separately. If you find that your shower water doesn't meet a healthy standard, install a shower water filter to get rid of the problem at the source.

Can a hot shower damage my hair and skin?

Healthy Skin and Hair

A hot shower may be relaxing, but it will stress your tresses. For healthy skin and hair, turn down the heat on your shower. Hot water dries out the scalp and skin leaving you itchy and flaky. For those times when only heat will do, keep your shower short or save the extreme heat until the last few minutes of your shower to lessen the damage. You can also rely on shower purifiers to reduce the drying effects of chlorine in your shower water.

Why are my eyes always red and itchy?

Reduce Red-Eye

It may not be a lack of sleep that's causing your red, itchy eyes. Chlorine from your shower can dry out your eyes, leading to redness and soreness. To get rid of this uncomfortable problem, use a shower filter that eliminates chlorine from your shower. You'll notice a difference almost immediately.

What should I look for in a shower filter?

Choosing the Best Shower Filter

The best shower water filter will use more than one medium to filter your shower water. Look for a shower filter that uses both carbon and a KDF media to filter water. The combination of filters gets rid of both chlorine and synthetic chemicals from your water. The best shower filter will also be easy to install - some filters can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Look around for a shower filter that compliments your sense of style. Many shower filters are now available in a variety of metallic finishes to blend in with the general decor of your bathroom.

How can I limit my chlorine exposure in the shower?

Shower Chlorine Filters

The connection between chlorine and cancer has been well documented. Because chlorine is used to treat water for other contaminants, it is present in most all water supplies. Showering in chlorinated water causes the skin to absorb this harmful chemical. Fortunately, there are shower chlorine filters available that can dramatically reduce your exposure to chlorine while in the shower. Because different shower filters target different contaminants, it's important to check the packaging to make sure that you are purchasing a filter that is made for chlorine.

Can showering make me sick?

Can Showering Make You Sick?

Pathogens such as Naegleria can infect people who bathe or shower in water containing the disease. For this reason, it's important to choose a shower filter that can remove bacteria and pathogens. The water filter you use for your kitchen sink or that comes with your special water filter is probably a carbon filter. These filters remove chlorine to improve the taste and odor of water. For your shower water filter, you need something stronger. Look for a shower water filter that mentions pathogen removal on the packaging.

Can showering make me lose hair?

Showering and Hair Loss

Selenium, mercury, aluminum, zinc and lead are all minerals that contribute to hair loss. Each of these minerals can be found in the water that is pumped into your shower every day. To make sure that your hair is healthy hair, use a reverse osmosis filter. These powerful filters promote water health by removing the most minerals, bacteria and other harmful substances from water.

Can shower water make me sick?

Shower Water Filters Protect Health

Showering or bathing in warm water opens the pores, allowing dangerous chemicals in the water to enter the body. Additionally, because some harmful chemicals vaporize at low temperatures, steam inhaled in a hot shower contains many times the concentration of drinking water from the tap. To keep your shower water from making you sick, install a shower water filter to your shower head. This will protect you from pesticides and other dangerous chemicals in your shower.

Can shower water cause kidney disease?

Prevent Kidney Disease with a Shower Purifier

Lower your chances of developing kidney disease by reducing your exposure to chloroform. Chloroform, present in tap water, is a result of chlorination and of pollution. You can dramatially reduce your chloroform exposure by using a shower purifier in your shower. The best shower filter for reducing chloform is an activated charcoal shower purifier. Also make sure that your shower area is well ventilated so that any chloroform released with the shower steam can escape easily.

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