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What are the most important considerations in drinking water for wellness?

Water for Wellness: Quality and Quantity Are Important

If you want to live a long and healthy life, it's important to consume a sufficient quantity of safe and healthy water. When we don't get enough water, or the water that we take in is contaminated, our bodies aren't able to function effectively. The human body is made up primarily of water, and must have water to survive and thrive.

Water is the most basic substance our bodies need to function. It's impossible to truly be in good health without getting enough water. Most people don't consume nearly as much water as their bodies really need, and many people exist in a constant state of some level of dehydration.

Even individuals who do consume enough water often put their health at risk by consuming the wrong kind of water. Unfiltered water is contaminated with chlorine, volatile organic compounds, lead, and other potentially harmful substances. Drinking contaminated water is dangerous, and certainly prevents people from being able to enjoy the health benefits of water.

When it comes to drinking water for wellness, it's certainly just as important to consider the quality of the water one is consuming as it is to make sure one is getting a sufficient quantity of the life sustaining liquid. The best way to make sure your body is able to function at peak capacity is to drink a sufficient quantity of thoroughly filtered water every day. You'll stay hydrated and won't have to worry about ingesting contaminated water that can be harmful to your health.

Will using filtered water to wash my skin improve its appearance?

Improve Your Skin's Appearance With Filtered Water

One of the most important clear skin tips everyone should observe relates to the use of filtered water in skin care. When you wash your skin with unfiltered tap water, you are actually detracting from the appearance of your skin rather than enhancing it. When you spend a long time in a swimming pool, your skin becomes very dry and puckered. What many people don't realize is that the tap water they use to wash their skin is likely to have even more chlorine than swimming pool water.

Washing your face, and the rest of your body, with chlorinated water can have a very drying effect on your skin. Repeated exposure to chlorinated water causes skin to become very dry and flaky, and can lead to problems with clogged pores and acne. Additionally, chlorine causes your skin to lose its elasticity, leading to an early onset of fine line and wrinkles that can rob you of your youthful appearance.

When you start washing your face with filtered water, you'll quickly realize this is the most valuable of all clear skin tips. Within just a few weeks of using de-chlorinated water to wash your skin, you'll notice that your complexion is clearer and your skin is softer than ever before.

What does drinking water have to do with nutrition and weight gain?

The Role of Water in Proper Nutrition

Most people know that drinking a sufficient quantity of safe and healthy water is essential for good health. However, many people don't understand just why it is that water is such an important component of health and wellness. The health benefits of water touch virtually every aspect of human life.

While most people understand that water is necessary to avoid dehydration, they don't often realize the important role water plays in proper nutrition and weight management. Without water, the human body can't absorb nutrients. No matter what foods you eat or how many dietary supplements you take, your body cannot absorb nutrients in a state of dehydration.

If you're dehydrated, your body will still absorb calories from the foods you eat, yet will glean no nutritional value from it. An individual who consistently does not consume a sufficient quantity of water can find him or herself facing weight gain and malnourishment simultaneously.

If your body isn't getting the nutrients it needs, it will provide hunger signals to your brain. If you don't drink enough water, your brain will never get the message that it is full, triggering a vicious cycle of overeating without nourishment that can lead to serious health problems and extreme obesity.

How can I keep my children from being exposed to lead in the water supply?

Prevent Lead Exposure With Drinking Water Filters

One of the biggest health risks associated with drinking unfiltered water is that of lead exposure. Even though the tap water than enters your house is treated, the fact is that it can easily pick up traces of lead as it travels from the water treatment facility to your home. Many plumbing pipes are lined with lead, or are held together with lead based solder. Even water that is lead free when it leaves the treatment plant can very well be contaminated with this dangerous substance by the time it comes out of the faucets in your home.

While drinking water that contains lead isn't healthy for anyone, it's particular dangerous for young children. When kids six and younger are exposed to lead through the water supply, they experience and elevated risk of developing a wide variety of serious health problems. Exposure to large quantities of lead are tied to the learning disabilities, behavior disorders, hearing impairment, and even stunted growth in children.

The best way to make sure that your children aren't at risk of developing health problems related to ingesting lead through their drinking water is to install drinking water filters in your home. Whether you install individual faucet filters or each sink, or you put in a whole house water treatment system, you'll be taking an important step toward protecting every member of your family from the potentially harmful effects of exposure to lead it in the water supply.

What does water consumption have to do with energy levels?

The Impact of Water Consumption on Energy Levels

When thinking about the importance of drinking water for wellness, one of the most basics considerations is the impact of water consumption on energy levels. The human body must have a sufficient quantity of water in order to produce energy. If a person's body fluid levels drop by five percent, the individual is likely to experience a decrease in energy of up to 30 percent.

It's hard to maintain even a basic energy level without drinking a sufficient quantity of water. People who live in a constant state of even minor dehydration often suffer from very low energy levels and chronic exhaustion. The best way to maintain the energy levels you need to go about the daily activities of life is to consume a sufficient quantity of safe and healthy water.

Many people who are dehydrated don't even realize that their bodies are not properly hydrated. Whether you are thirsty or not, it's important to follow the recommended guidelines of drinking a minimum of 8 - 12 glasses of water every day in order to stay hydrated and to keep your energy levels where they should be.

What does drinking filtered water have to do with weight loss?

The Tie Between Water Quality and Weight Loss

If you're interested in losing weight, any diet program that you choose will recommend increasing your water consumption. Water is very important to weight loss for a variety of reasons. For example, consuming a sufficient quantity of water can suppress one's appetite and speed up the metabolism. Water quality also plays an important role in weight loss.

There is a direct relationship between water quality and weight loss. The liver plays a major role in a person's ability to lose weight. The liver plays the important role of metabolizing fat into energy. The liver also works in conjunction with the kidneys to remove toxins from the body. When an individual consumes contaminated water, the liver must spend most of its energy eliminating toxins rather than burning fat.

The result, of course, is that the fat remains as stored fat rather than being burned off for weight loss. When you're trying to lose weight, it's definitely a good idea to install a drinking water filter. You'll enjoy the health benefits of water that is free from contamination, and you'll give your metabolism a better chance of helping your body eliminate stored fat.

How can I enjoy healthy water when I'm not at home.

How to Enjoy Healthy Water on the Go

When you install an Aquasana water filtration system at home, you'll be able to enjoy a virtually limitless supply of safe and healthy water. Once you've become accustomed to both the taste and health benefits of filtered water, drinking water on the go can become problematic. After all, you don't want to consume contaminated water just because you aren't at home.

Aquasana's Purity Sport Bottle Filter offers and excellent solution for consumers who want to make sure that they are always able to enjoy healthy water, no matter where they are or what they are doing. Simply carry your Purity Sport bottle with you, and you'll be able to be confident that you can easily obtain pure, filtered water from any location where tap water is available. It's the perfect solution for water filtration in your office, at the homes of your friends, in the mall, at the gym, and in any other location where tap water is available.

The Purity Sport Bottle utilizes an internal water filter cartridge to remove contaminants from tap water as soon as you place it in the bottle. You'll receive three filter cartridges with your bottle, and you can order replacements from Aquasana at affordable, factory direct prices. Each cartridge has the capacity to remove chlorine, lead, and other chemical contaminants from up to 40 gallons of tap water over a 60 day period.

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