How to Make Your Own Fruit Flavored Bottled Water

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If I make my own bottled water, how can I give it a fruit flavor?

How to Make Your Own Fruit Flavored Bottled Water

When you have an Aquasana water filter system, you can easily obtain healthy water directly from your faucets. If you enjoy fruit flavored bottled water, you don't have to spend a fortune purchasing pre-packaged fruit flavored waters. You can quickly and easily make your own fruit flavored bottled water at home, using the safe tap water that has been filtered by your Aquasana home water filter system.

To make your own fruit flavored bottled water alternatives, simply fill a few clean glass water bottles with filtered water from your faucet. Be sure to leave a few inches of space at the top to allow for the addition of fruit flavoring. Add your favorite freshly squeezed fruit juice to the water to make your own all natural fruit flavored water. Close the bottle and allow to refrigerate for a few hours before drinking, to allow the flavoring to have time to infuse the entire container of water.

Citrus fruits, for example, make excellent homemade bottled water flavorings. Simply squeeze your favorite citrus fruit, and add your preferred amount of juice to each bottle of water. You can use a single flavor, or combine your favorite fruits to create a unique blend. Some ideal choices for making fruit flavored bottled water include: oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit.



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