Health Effects of Water Pollution

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Are there any serious health effects of water pollution?

Health Effects of Water Pollution

Since the human body is made up primarily of water, humans must consume water in order to survive. Our food supply is also dependent on water. In the absence of water, human beings would dehydrate and starve. Simply put, human beings need water to survive. Even though there is a large amount of water on the planet, the widespread problem of water pollution poses a serious threat to the health and survival of mankind.

The effects of water pollution are serious, far reaching, and life threatening. One of the most dangerous problems posed by water pollution is that of infectious diseases. When water cannot be adequately treated, infectious diseases can spread very quickly through the water supply. Bacteria, parasites, and viruses can live in polluted water, allowing for the spread of dangerous illnesses such as typhoid, intestinal parasites, and many other diseases.

Many people associate problems with waterborne disease as being isolated to developing nations, but this is not always the case. The images you saw on television following Hurricane Katrina of people and animals trudging through streets flooded with canal water mixed with sewage, oil, and all types of substances prove that the devastating effects of water pollution can strike in even the most developed parts of the world. Each year, millions of Americans are made sick as a result of swimming in or drinking polluted water.



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