Understanding the Clean Water Act

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What is the Clean Water Act?

Understanding the Clean Water Act

In the United States, the Clean Water Act is the primary legislation governing water safety issues. To really understand the relevant facts about water pollution and how this issue can impact your life, it's important to understand some of the basic tenets of this important piece of legislation.

Passed in the 1970s, the Clean Water Act has been amended over the years as circumstances dictate. This legislation has had a major impact on reducing water pollution and setting the stage for improved environmental conditions in the waterways under the jurisdiction of the United States. For example, this law provided the Environmental Protection agency with the authorization to set and enforce industrial wastewater standards.

The main purpose of the Clean Water Act is to prevent the direct discharge of pollutants into the waterways, to manage contaminated runoff, and to provide much needed funding to wastewater treatment cities located in municipalities around the country. While the law doesn't deal directly with issues of water quality or groundwater pollution, it's initiatives have given municipal treatment facilities the capability to strengthen and improve their efforts.



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