Getting Rid Of Hard Water Stains

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How can I clean hard water stains?

Getting Rid Of Hard Water Stains

There is a very simple way to remove hard water stains from various objects in your household. Simply combine one part distilled vinegar and one part water. To clean your coffeemaker, just run a pot of the mixture through to flush out lime deposits. Be sure to follow this with a cycle of plain water. If your drinking glasses have white film on them, soak them for 10 to 15 minutes in the vinegar mixture. To clean faucets, soak a paper towel with undiluted vinegar. Wrap the faucet well for 1 hour, moistening the towel with more vinegar if needed. Remove the towel and wipe the faucet clean.



11/20/2011 7:28:37 AM
Richard said:

It is amazing. It really works after I use the vinegar to clean up the stubborn mirror stains. Indeed, I tried numerous detergent but failed until I use the vinegar as told by the tips. Great thanks!


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